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A @GoCleanCo Guide to Cordless Suckers!

July 26, 2022

Yup, we’re talking about cordless vacuums! There are MANY brands and options to choose from, and it can be very overwhelming to choose one without being able to try them first. So we did the hard work for you!

We tested 9 of the top cordless vacuums on hard floors, carpet, stairs and window sills and tracks. And we’ve come up with a list of what to look for in a good cordless vacuum. They are great to have in your home for quick clean-up jobs. If you’re in the market for a cordless vacuum, this should help make your decision process easier. 

Of course, there are new vacuums on the market every day and we can’t test them all. But hopefully, this will help as your guide for buying your next one.

Full disclosure (because that’s how we roll): GoCleanCo staff use corded plug-in vacuums. The reason is we clean homes ALL DAY LONG and we need vacuums that run full power for the day. We don’t have time to wait for vacuums to charge, and cordless vacuums just don’t have the suction power that a corded vacuum has. But cordless vacuums are a great option for quick cleaning around the house. 

When you buy through our links, we may earn a small commission.

Our cordless vacuum considerations and must-haves:

1. Price point

Don’t just go by the price folks. A high price point doesn’t always mean the best, and it needs to work for your budget, too. Having said that, price is typically an indicator of value. If it’s the cheapest vacuum on the market, it’s probably not the best. And if it’s the most expensive, it’s probably not going to give you the most value.

2. Does it suck?

Of course, suction power is one of the main things you should look for in any vacuum. There is something wonderful about seeing carpet lines, and getting a good deep clean on your carpet. If a cordless vacuum has good suction you will see and feel the pull on the carpet, creating those lines.

3. Does it go easily under couches, sofas, beds, etc?

You don’t want to move your big heavy furniture every time you vacuum. A vacuum that easily slides under furniture is super handy and saves your back! This depends on both the length of the vacuum, as well as the dimensions of the vacuum “head.” The thinner it is (i.e. the closer to the ground), the less clearance you need. This gives you more options for reaching into tight spaces. Your back will thank you!

4. Light that sh*t up!

Ok, this is not exactly a deal-breaker, BUT it is really great if the vacuum has a light on the front to help see all the dirt you’re sucking up (especially under furniture)! However, it can also suck up battery life so it’s a personal preference. (Hey, we all have to make tough decisions in life!)

5. How tall is it?

We found some big height differences between each vacuum model tested. You should be able to stand comfortably without bending over or overreaching while vacuuming. So check the height of the model to see where you stand.

6. How many attachments does it come with?

Check how many attachments you get for the price point. More attachments can greatly increase the versatility of your vacuum. We love having a small crevice tool that fits in window and door tracks. (Y’all know we love a good horse hair attachment.)

7. The batteries!

Many cordless vacuums have batteries that are detachable. Look for vacuums that come with 2 batteries included, or consider ordering a second battery (if you can). The standard runtime is generally about 30 minutes (the product listing will usually state the battery runtime). It’s a good idea to have another on hand while you’re cleaning, or at least make sure you can replace the battery if yours goes kaput.  With two batteries, you can always be charging one battery while you’re using the other. This essentially gives you unlimited runtime.

8. Canister size and filter

Size does matter here. It’s a balance of small enough to be easy to maneuver, yet big enough to not need to be emptied before you are done cleaning. We found that we preferred having maneuverability over a large canister.

Look for HEPA filters and multi-stage ones (such as with an added sponge filter included) that help to remove dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and airborne particles in your home. 

9. Hang ‘em up!

Most cordless vacuums do not stand up freely on their own. Check that the one you purchase comes with a wall-mount for easy storage.

In the end, a handful of vacuums we tested were a suck-cess. Here are our awarded picks:

  1. Bissell IconPet  (This one has been updated to a newer, pricier version but it’s also great) (Canada) (USA)
  2. Buture Cordless (Canada) (USA)
  3. Shark Rocket Pet Pro (Canada) (USA)
  4. Roomie Tec (Canada) (USA)

Cordless vacuums are a great addition to your cleaning caddy for homes and vehicles. Also, check out our Vacuum Round-Ups for more suggested products. (Canada) (USA)

For a list of our favorite products, click here.

  • Denise @gocleanco

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